A long-vanished hero returns to the land he loves, only to find a tattered plutocracy spiraling downward in endless war and economic devastation.

{ • • • • • • • The comic is on hiatus... uh... probably forever. It's been very much fun working on this, and we appreciate the readers around the world • • • • • • • •}

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☛ full color 3D ☚
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And the 3D effect is under your control – you only see it by tapping or pointing, so you can ignore that feature if you like. Over time, existing 2D panels (pages 1 through 41) will probably be rebuilt in 3D, or at least some of them will be. But not right away. If possible, all or most of the remaining panels in the story will be created in 3D.


Produciton time for the weekly comic was enormous, which is most of why it was discontinued. Hopefully it can be restarted eventually.

The greatest artists of the golden age of comic books, all mooshed together, then spread out in 3D

See the flow of production in the infographic.

The visual table of contents has thumbnails of each page. 

{ • • • • • • • The comic is on hiatus... uh... probably forever. It's been very much fun working on this, and we appreciate the readers around the world • • • • • • • •}

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(To help you remember how the story ended last week, this link always goes to the last panel of the previous installment)


This was being updated each Wednesday – well, most Wednesdays – but it is unlikely to continue. Drat. It was just getting to the weird parts. 

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A story of modern America

Updated each Wednesday, this surreal story of America (satire with occasional violence and coarse language) is drawn by dozens of the greatest comic artists of the golden age.  The art in this new webcomic is all found in a database we made for cartoonists, artists, and others to use for their own projects. Many panels are a composite of art from two, three, or half a dozen separate comic books, so multiple artists are blended together. Credit for every graphic detail used is listed at the bottom of each page, so you can see the source material with just a click.

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Colors other than white

The predominance of caucasians in golden age comics affected the choice of cast members for The American Rabbit Wakes Up

The people in my webcomic are mostly caucasian (like me) and regardless of how much I would prefer a more diverse cast, my source material doesn't make that easy to do.   Read the rest

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About the comic

The American Rabbit Wakes Up was created using a database of thousands of public domain comics. The rabbit and dialogue are added to create a new story, which will take over a year to complete, and if it's popular enough, it will be compiled into a graphic novel. If you want to follow the comic, this is the page to bookmark, or subscribe to the RSS feed. For more information about the unique way that the comic is constructed, see How the Webcomic is Made.

About the creators

Stewart Moskowitz created The American Rabbit many years ago, and the character eventually became his trademark. Stewart is known by millions around the world for his posters, books, and his universe of animal characters that were often turned into plush toys and other items. He lives in northern California and continues to paint every day, and he also draws The American Rabbit for this webcomic. His main website is Stewart Moskowitz Media.

Contact Stewart

Eric Williams
I'm graphic designer often found working on assorted projects with Stewart in Humboldt County, California. Currently away from home to enjoy an extended time with family, the comic and blog are largely my projects, with some continuing input from Stu. 

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